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-> First-hand information about organising your studies (provided by the University of Innsbruck)

-> isi language courses (International Language Centre of the University of Innsbruck)



---> Zulassung zum Bachelorstudium

---> Curriculum, allgemeine Informationen und Formulare (auch Ansuchen um Anerkennung von Prüfungen)

PDF icon Empfohlener Studienverlauf (Einstieg Wintersemester).pdf (48.18 KB)

PDF icon Empfohlener Studienverlauf (Einstieg Sommersemester).pdf (50.57 KB)

---> Vorlesungsverzeichnis

---> Seminar mit Bachelorarbeit auf OLAT (für Themenvergabe, Terminvergabe, Information)



---> Admission to Master's degree programme

---> The Curriculum 2015,  Information and Forms  (including form to substitute courses from other degree programmes)

---> The Curriculum 2007, Information and Forms - (including form to substitute courses from other degree programmes)

--->  Suggested Sequence of Courses for students starting in fall 2015 (or later) 

--->  Suggested Sequence of Courses (279.81 KB) (Curriculum 2007)

---> Course Catalogue

  • PHD

---> Admission to PhD and doctoral programme

---> Curriculum, Information and Forms

---> Course Catalogue


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Admission Department                             International Relations Office

Examination Office                                   Austrian National Union of Students: ÖH


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