Master-Defensio: Matthias Göbel

"Statistical post-processing of a numerical weather prediction model with neural networks".
Date/Time: 17th of December 2018, 9:00 a.m. / Location: Bruno-Sander-Haus 8th floor; Room 60819 SR

Graduate Seminar

Daniela Domeisen (ETH Zurich): "Predicting the weather in Europe on timescales of weeks to months Location: University of Innsbruck, Innrain 52f"
Seminar Room on the 8th Floor of Bruno-Sander-Haus (60819SR)
Date/Time: Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018, 11:45

Graduate Seminar - Additional Talk 11 Dec 2018

Branko Kosovic (NCAR): "Three-Dimensional Planetary Boundary Layer Parameterization for High-Resolution Mesoscale Simulations"
Location: Seminar Room on the 8th Floor of Bruno-Sander-Haus (60819SR)
Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018, 15:00

Master Defensio: Herla Florian

"A Universal Particle Dispersion Parametrization for Ground-Level Concentration Distributions"
Date/Time: 13  Dec 2018 / 03:30 p.m.; Location: Bruno-Sander-Haus, 8th floor; Room: 60819 SR