Prospective Students


The intermediate academic degree – for students, who want to acquire more in-depth skills and
knowledge after the Bachelor's degree. Over the course of two years the students will come more closely in touch with the current research topics at our Institute, in the fields of atmospheric dynamics, atmospheric physics/chemistry, and climatology/glaciology – most of them with a focus on complex terrain – our field of excellence. 
All courses are taught in English


To be able to apply for our Master's programme, you will need a Bachelor's degree in Atmospheric Science, Physics, Mathematics, Earth Sciences or related fields.

You will then have to start the admission process through the Admission Department of our University. Detailed information is available in Deutsch and English, respectively. Note that procedures vary for EU and non-EU citizens, and whether you have a Bachelor's degree from the University of Innsbruck, another Austrian University, or from abroad. Your application can and will only be processed after your Bachelor's degree documents are available! Application deadlines are given here. The regular deadline is usually 3-4 weeks before the start of the semester. Under special conditions, an application is still possible afterwards.
We encourage you to apply even if your Bachelor's degree is not in Atmospheric Science (or Meteorology).  In this case, the admission procedure takes longer. You should submit your application at least two months prior to the start of the semester.

After having examined your application the Associate Dean of Studies will make the final decision whether you have the prerequisites for the programme or whether you will have to take additional courses parallel to your regular classes. We are looking for 15 ECTS points in mathematics, 10 in physics and/or chemistry, and 5 ECTS points in dynamical meteorology and/or weather forecasting. If you are only missing the meteorological credits you may still be admitted but will have to take supplementary courses in your first semester/year of the program.
Please submit your application paperwork at least two months prior to the beginning of the semester, especially when your bachelor degree is not in Atmospheric Science. Note, however, that you may only apply with the complete set of required documents.

Currently there are (by law) no restrictions to the number of students we admit per year.

Important note on deadlines: In addition to application process - ensure to book courses during the enrollment period about one month prior to the beginning of the semester (exact dates here) on LFU:online.
There will be no late registration possibility!
Please note that other faculties (e.g. faculty of Chemistry or faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics) have different deadlines! So, for each of your chosen study courses: check deadline expiration!

Preparation for your first semester
If your bachelor is not in Atmospheric Sciences we strongly recommend working through chapters 1 - 5 of the undergraduate textbook Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics by Marshall and Plumb, which is available online, too.
It nicely refreshes the memory of students with a bachelor in Atmospheric Sciences, too.


All students will automatically be members of the Austrian Students' Union ÖH, for which they have to pay a fee of approximately € 20 per semester. Students from the EU do not have to pay any tuition fees, but students from outside of the EU have to pay in general at least € 363.60 per semester. Details, however, depend on your country of origin, so please visit this page. You might also perceive the following page at the University of Vienna as helpful, as most of it (with the exception of deadlines) also applies to the University of Innsbruck.

Duration of Studies and Subjects

The Master's programme takes at least two years. The first 3 semesters are largely dedicated to coursework. During the fourth semester you will be mostly doing the research for the thesis. The sequence of courses is geared towards starting the program in a fall semester. However, starting in the spring semester is also possible.

The courses consist of auxiliary subjects teaching you the mathematical, numerical modeling and observational methods needed for the core subjects in atmospheric dynamics, atmospheric physics and chemistry, climatology and glaciology. Depending on your interest you have to choose between a more dynamics or a cryosphere oriented focus.

Course Languages

The courses are taught in Englisch.

If you are an international student, the university's International Relations Department has a lot of general information for you. Although their site was primarily conceived with Erasmus students (a European Union student mobility program) in mind they have tried their best to deal with the relevant issues for all incoming students and to eliminate every obstacle on your way to the University of Innsbruck. Particularly helpful is their International Student Guide.

Schedule of Courses

This is the recommended course schedule (as of 2015/16)

PDF icon CourseTable_MasterAtmosphericScience2015.pdf (106.64 KB)

Details of course schedule:
You will get a detailed description of each course by entering the course name (after selecting the appropriate semester) here.



Further Questions

Please do not hesitate to contact our  Associate Dean of Studies, Prof. Georg Mayr for questions, concerning the Master's programme.
For general questions about the admission process please contact the Admission Department.