Influence of secondary orography on boundary layer separation and rotors

In this project we seek to understand the impact of downstream ridges on boundary layer separation and rotor formation by means of laboratory experiments and numerical modeling. The experimental part of the project will take place in the Stratified Water Flume in Toulouse (CNRS) in autumn 2013. The project will explore rotor development over double ridges in connection with both trapped lee waves and undular hydraulic jumps.

Special focus will be placed on

  • trapped lee wave interference
  • the occurrence of non-steady boundary-layer separation, evidenced in observable shifts of the location of the BLS point,
  • the intensity of turbulence along the separation line and within the rotor.

    The numerical modeling will be performed using both a suite of mesoscale models (e.g. COAMPS, WRF) as well as Large Eddy Simulations.


Project Leader: 
Funding Agencies: 

FP 7 Hydralab IV TA

Project Duration: 
01/01/2013 to 10/01/2015