Master Theses

Year: 2017
Student Title Advisor Download
Brakemeier, M. Charakteristics of snow structure along Kongsvegen glacier (Svalbard) Obleitner, F. Details & download
Brunhuber, S. Return Periods of Extratropical Storms in Europe Mayr, G. Details & download
Del Gobbo, C. Debris thickness investigation of Solda Glacier, Southern Rhaetian Alps, Italy. Methodological considerations about the use of Ground Penetrating Radar over a debris-covered glacier. Nicholson, L. Details & download
Ehrengruber, P. Snow cover modeling on glaciers - An attempt at a high-resolution model chain for mass balance calculation Bellaire, S., Nicholson, L. Details & download
Graber, P. Probabilistische Vorhersage von Beschneiungsbedingungen in Tiroler Skigebieten Mayr, G., Gebetsberger, M. Details & download
Krieger, V. Influence of secondary orography on trapped lee wave rotors in water tank experiments Maussion, F. Details & download
Lamprecht, C. Charakterization of NOx Sources based on Tracer Correlations in Innsbruck Karl, T. Details & download
Schlumpberger, M. Wet and Dry Spells in Rio Santa Watershed, Peruvian Andes, and connections to the large scale circulation Maussion, F. Details & download
Schöll, M. Temperature Variance Profiles in Complex Terrain - Testing a Passive Microwave System to Measure Atmospheric Turbulence Rotach, M. Details & download
Schönach, D. Multivariate Statistical Postprocessing of Vertical Temperature Profiles Mayr, G. Details & download
Siller, M. Wet and Dry Spells in the Rio Santa Basin, Peruvian Andes: A WRF Modeling Case Study Maussion, F. Details & download
Stutz, A. Transport of Saharan Dust to the Sonnblick Observatory Nickus, U. Details & download
Thaler, M. Characterization of high frequency NO2 measurements - A comparison of a cavity ring-down spectroscopy and a chemiluminescence technique based instrument Graus, M. Details & download
Thorlaksson, D. Calibrating a glacier ice thickness inversion model from in-situ point measurements Maussion, F. Details & download
Weiler, F. Bias correction using ground echoes for the airborne demonstrator of the wind lidar on the ADM-Aeolus mission Karl, T. Details & download
Zier, C. Wie beeinflussen großskalige Wetterstrukturen das lokale Wetter in den Anden von Chile? Ein Downscaling Experiment Maussion, F. Details & download
Year: 2016
Student Title Advisor Download
Baur, F. Determination of turbulent fluxes of airborne data in complex terrain using wavelet analysis Rotach, M. Details & download
Beck, L. Partikelneubildung auf dem Sonnblick und der Zugspitze : März bis Juli 2013 Nickus, U. Details & download
Brogli, R. Rotor Formation in the Inn Valley : A Modeling Study Stiperski, I. Details & download
Covi, F. Assessing Precipitation Mechanisms on Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya: an Idealized Modeling Study Gohm, A., Kaser, G. Details & download