Master Theses

Year: 2018
Student Title Advisor Download
Cerny, M. Lake-level changes on the Tibetan Plateau and their Relation to Glacial Melt Maussion, F. Details & download
Dusch, M. Influence of thermal and gravity driven flows on an Arctic fjord wind regime – A case study with numerical simulations Obleitner, F. Details & download
Emprechtinger, M. Turbulence in Complex Topographie - Characterization of the Site Terfens Rotach, M. Details & download
Hammerer, L. Influence of Atmospheric Parameters on the Mass Balance of Intercepted Snow in Forested Areas Jonas, T., Kuhn, M. Details & download
Naschberger, D. Flächenhafte Vorhersagen von Temperatur und relativer Luftfeuchte im Flachland Mayr, G., Dabernig, M. Details & download
Year: 2017
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Brakemeier, M. Charakteristics of snow structure along Kongsvegen glacier (Svalbard) Obleitner, F. Details & download
Brunhuber, S. Return Periods of Extratropical Storms in Europe Mayr, G. Details & download
Del Gobbo, C. Debris thickness investigation of Solda Glacier, Southern Rhaetian Alps, Italy. Methodological considerations about the use of Ground Penetrating Radar over a debris-covered glacier. Nicholson, L. Details & download
Ehrengruber, P. Snow cover modeling on glaciers - An attempt at a high-resolution model chain for mass balance calculation Bellaire, S., Nicholson, L. Details & download
Graber, P. Probabilistische Vorhersage von Beschneiungsbedingungen in Tiroler Skigebieten Mayr, G., Gebetsberger, M. Details & download
Krieger, V. Influence of secondary orography on trapped lee wave rotors in water tank experiments Maussion, F. Details & download
Lamprecht, C. Charakterization of NOx Sources based on Tracer Correlations in Innsbruck Karl, T. Details & download
Langhamer, L. Lagrangian Detection of Moisture Sources for the Southern Patagonia Icefield Mayr, G. Details & download
Schlumpberger, M. Wet and Dry Spells in Rio Santa Watershed, Peruvian Andes, and connections to the large scale circulation Maussion, F. Details & download
Schöll, M. Temperature Variance Profiles in Complex Terrain - Testing a Passive Microwave System to Measure Atmospheric Turbulence Rotach, M. Details & download
Schönach, D. Multivariate Statistical Postprocessing of Vertical Temperature Profiles Mayr, G. Details & download
Siller, M. Wet and Dry Spells in the Rio Santa Basin, Peruvian Andes: A WRF Modeling Case Study Maussion, F. Details & download
Steinacher, C, Vergleich der meteorologischen Verhältnisse der beiden konträren Jahre 2009 und 2010 in der Antarktis Schlosser, E.
Stutz, A. Transport of Saharan Dust to the Sonnblick Observatory Nickus, U. Details & download
Thaler, M. Characterization of high frequency NO2 measurements - A comparison of a cavity ring-down spectroscopy and a chemiluminescence technique based instrument Graus, M. Details & download