Master Theses

Year: 2017
Student Title Advisor Download
Schöll, M. Temperature Variance Profiles in Complex Terrain - Testing a Passive Microwave System to Measure Atmospheric Turbulence Rotach, M.
Stutz, A. Transport of Saharan Dust to the Sonnblick Observatory Nickus, U. Details & download
Year: 2016
Student Title Advisor Download
Baur, F. Determination of turbulent fluxes of airborne data in complex terrain using wavelet analysis Rotach, M. Details & download
Beck, L. Partikelneubildung auf dem Sonnblick und der Zugspitze : März bis Juli 2013 Nickus, U. Details & download
Brogli, R. Rotor Formation in the Inn Valley : A Modeling Study Stiperski, I. Details & download
Covi, F. Assessing Precipitation Mechanisms on Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya: an Idealized Modeling Study Gohm, A., Kaser, G. Details & download
Gutleben, M. Nature and Extent of Shallow Marine Convection in Subtropical Regions : Analysis of airborne and spaceborne LIDAR-Data over the North Atlantic Ocean Karl, T., Gross, S. Details & download
Hochstaffl, P. Validation of carbon monoxide total columns from SCIAMACHY near infrared nadir spectra with NDACC/TCCON ground-based measurements Karl, T., Schreier, F. Details & download
Luther, A. Validation of satellite-based surface solar irradiance calculations in complex terrain Obleitner, F. Details & download
Maier, C. Assessing snow depth distribution on the basis of atmospheric reanalysis Marzeion, B. Details & download
Markl, Y. Spatial Interpolation and Analysis of Airborne Meteorological Data in an Alpine Valley Rotach, M. Details & download
Polster, C. Bayesian Retrieval of Thermodynamic Atmospheric Profiles from Ground-based Microwave Radiometer Data Rotach, M. Details & download
Portele, T. Mountain Wave Propagation under Transient Tropospheric Forcing : A DEEPWAVE Case Study Gohm, A., Dörnbrack, A. Details & download
Radlherr, A. Beobachtung von Gewittersystemen im Bereich des östlichen Alpennordrandes bei Südwestwetterlagen Mayr, G. Details & download
Schmederer, P. Characteristic Lifecycles of Ice Supersaturated Regions: implications on the competition of contrails and natural cirrus clouds Mayr, G., Unterstraßer, S. Details & download
Siedersleben, S. The missing link between Alpine potential vorticity banners and banded convection: A case study of a severe Alpine snow storm Gohm, A. Details & download
Stoll, E. Influences of a warming climate on wet snow avalanche activity : A case study for the Kaprun Valley, Austria Mayr, G., Marzeion., B, Zeidler, A. Details & download
Streatfeild, J. Probabilistic Frost Prediction for the Blooming Period in South Tyrol Mayr, G. Details & download
Stuke, S. Characterizing thin clouds using aerosol optical depth information Blumthaler, M., Kuhn, M. Details & download
Umek, L. Lake and Orographic Effects on Precipitation at Lake Constance : Case Study and Numerical Sensitivity Experiments Gohm, A. Details & download